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My First Fourteener or, Oxygen Debt: a Hip-Hop Musical

Pike's Peak, Crags, Devil's Playground, Colorado, Hiking

“We been spendin’ most our lives livin’ in an Amish paradise. We’re all crazy Mennonites livin’ in an Amish paradise!” The ever-looping random playlist that constantly streams through my head abruptly shifts to the “Weird Al” Yankovic classic “Amish Paradise” — one of the only “rap” songs I can sing flawlessly, word-for-amazing-word — as we […]


Scenic Hotels in Phoenix, Scottsdale, and Grand Canyon

Arizona has something to offer travelers of every taste. Extreme adventurers can climb high mountains and deep canyons, while culture vultures can experience top-notch music, theater, and shopping in the state’s major cities. Whatever your own personal travel style, when booking your own Arizona adventure, consider staying at one of these five affordable favorites. A Classic Route […]


Hipmunk Hotels: Find convenient accommodation in Rosemont, Troy, Kansas City, and More

This post was originally published on Blog – English on August 2, 2016 by blogger. Visit the City of Chicago and Stay in Rosemont, IL Rosemont, Illinois has all the characteristics of a small community, but due to its excellent location, which means only five minutes from O’Hare Airport and twenty minutes from Chicago’s downtown, the […]


Hotels with West-Coast Style in Portland and Bend

Oregon has something for everyone: deserts, rainforests, national parks, the Columbia River, and spectacular coastline for outdoorsy types, and laid-back, youthful cities for those seeking cultural attractions, farm-to-table restaurants, and a dizzying selection of local craft beers. This is why Oregon has been a draw for so many visitors — not just the digitized characters […]


Luxury Hotels in Greensboro and Durham

Greensboro North Carolina

When it comes to old-fashioned comfort and luxury with a historic and beautiful backdrop, nobody does it better than North Carolina. And for the best in antebellum charm, look no further than Durham and Greensboro, in the heart of Tobacco Road. Whether you’re here to explore the plantation economy that built much of the American South, learn more […]


Hiking the Crags

Crags formations Colorado Springs

“The view of Colorado Springs and the Eastern Plains is nice, but I’m ready to see the mountains on all sides. Let’s do the Crags this weekend.” Sara and I are planning for our weekly hike on Friday night. It’s true that we’ve seen the Springs from many different angles — having hiked through Red Rock […]


Hipmunk Hotels: The Best Inns In Grand Forks, Duluth, Lansing & More

This article was originally published on They Get Around on May 7, 2016 by They Get Around. The Midwest is a great place to visit for a family holiday or short getaway. It’s known for its pretty natural scenery and an abundance of historic churches and art galleries — but there are plenty of hidden […]


The Best Hotels for Philadelphia Sports Fans

philadelphia pennsylvania

Philadelphia has something to offer travelers of all tastes: History fans can take their pick of museums and important points of interest; foodies can sample award-winning, modern cuisine in one of Philly’s many famous restaurants; and wannabe movie stars can recreate the montage from “Rocky” at the top of the 72 steps in front of the Philadelphia […]


Family Getaways and Budget Business Comfort in Indiana

Midwestern travelers often look first to the coasts when planning their family vacations, ignoring some of the top-notch, affordable escapes in their own backyard. When making your own plans for that family holiday, steamy couples getaway, or business conference, consider spending some time in Indiana. When making your hotel reservations, book your comfortable room at one […]


Hipmunk Hotels: Affordable Hotel Destinations from Portsmouth to Niagara Falls and More

This post was originally published on Camille in Wonderlands on April 18, 2016 by Camille. From the natural wonder of Niagara Falls to the historical settlement of Portsmouth or the alpine playground of the Catskills Mountains, the upper Northeast of the U.S. has many tricks up its sleeves to make you fall under its spell […]


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