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The Cubs Break a Curse

A Dejected Hotdog

The Chicago Cubs, after more than a century of close calls, almost-theres, goats, ghosts, and an unfortunate man in a green turtleneck and even more unfortunate headphones, have won the 2016 World Series. In doing so, they have broken one of the oldest and most famous American sports curses. Like the Curse of the Bambino in Boston (1918–2004) […]


The Most Irish Things to Do in Dublin 

Dublin Mountains

If you’re coming to Dublin, especially if it won’t be your first time, consider going beyond the traditional tourist hotspots (which, in fairness, can be a blast) and experiencing Ireland’s capital city like a local. You’ll have to explain your photos (practicing the time-honored Irish art of storytelling) to your friends and family, and there will […]


Catch a Ballgame and a Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago

Chicago skyline Illinois USA

Chicago, America’s “Second City,” has no shortage of shopping opportunities, entertainment, and cultural attractions for visitors of every stripe, but it might be best known for its historic sports franchises — and their rabid fans — and thick, saucy deep-dish pizza. When you’re in town, why not enjoy both? Plan your visit well in advance to […]


A Sports Side Project

Press Start Screen Sticky Bleachers

  Following American sports is a challenge in Ireland, particularly without access to a television and satellite package. The time difference makes most American primetime games too late to watch live, and there is a certain sadness about watching a replay of a game early the next morning, with coffee and pajamas instead of beer and […]


Review – Experience Gaelic Games

Great for Groups | Photo: Experience Gaelic Games

  I am often asked, “What is the most local Irish thing I can see and do while I’m there? Besides drinking green beer, that is.” I used to answer, “Try to catch a hurling match on TV or, even better, from Hill 16.” This would inevitably be met with blank stares and unsure responses like, […]


What to Expect at an American Baseball Game

A Dejected Hotdog

  Exploring the sporting traditions of different cultures can provide some of the best insights into the soul of a people—their gladiatorial preferences echoing who they are at a very deep level. People brought up in a sporting culture have a difficult time explaining just why they love a particular game—and the surrounding traditions—as much […]


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