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Top Destinations in County Tipperary

River Suir Tipperary Heritage Trail Cashel Golden Cahir Ireland

With quiet villages and bustling towns, miles of country roads and paths, and a wealth of historical and archaeological treasures, County Tipperary in south-central Ireland has something for travelers of every taste. Rock of Cashel On a massive hunk of granite in the middle of the “Golden Vale” of Tipperary — a fertile stretch of […]


The Rock (and Village) of Cashel

Bru Boru Dancers

Tucked away in Ireland’s midsection is a crumbling, ancient center of political and church power surrounded by beautiful green countryside and a charming, vibrant village. A visit to history-soaked Cashel and its nearby Tipperary neighbors is perfect for a one-night short weekend for the traveler willing to go off the beaten tourist path. The Rock […]


Hiking from Cashel to Golden

Cory at First Sight of the Water

  On our recent visit to Cashel, we spent one day in the village – doing the usual tourist thing – and one day out on our own in the “wilderness” of Central Ireland. From Cashel, a well-marked (but unpaved) trail follows a country road and the River Suir to the nearby village of Golden. […]


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