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Easter Rising Self-Guided Walking Tour, Kilmainham

Goldenbridge Cemetery Richmond Barracks Dublin Ireland

You’re a young, energetic Irish upstart in the early twentieth century, your friends have always told you you’re full of piss and vinegar. You’re probably a member of Dublin’s working or middle class. You’ve seen a lot in your twenty- or thirty-odd years of life in Ireland: political strife, labor disputes, British forces tightening the screws […]


Book Review – Richmond Barracks 1916: “We Were There” – 77 Women of the Easter Rising

“The old idea that a woman can only serve her nation through her home is gone.” —Countess Constance Markievicz, Irish social activist, revolutionary, and politician We are currently in the middle of a big decade for Ireland. From 2012–2022, the modern Republic of Ireland celebrates the 100-year anniversaries of the some of the most important moments […]


Review – Richmond Barracks

The Restored Cupola atop the Gymnasium Richmond Barracks Dublin Ireland

I first saw the crumbling, run-down hulk of Richmond Barracks in 2014 on a Let’s Walk and Talk tour led by renowned Dublin historian Pat Liddy. At the time, the barracks were little more than a historical footnote in a neighborhood that had seen better days. Pat, with his own personal brand of flair, put […]


Dublin Recognizes the Easter Rising

Garden of Remembrance Dublin Ireland

  One hundred years ago this weekend—minus one month thanks to liturgical calendar hijinks—a ragtag army of Irish volunteers kicked off what would later be named the “Easter Rising,” jumpstarting Ireland’s War of Independence and eventually leading to the founding of the modern Republic of Ireland. That’s a lot of history distilled, but you can fill […]


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