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The Most Irish Things to Do in Dublin 

Dublin Mountains

If you’re coming to Dublin, especially if it won’t be your first time, consider going beyond the traditional tourist hotspots (which, in fairness, can be a blast) and experiencing Ireland’s capital city like a local. You’ll have to explain your photos (practicing the time-honored Irish art of storytelling) to your friends and family, and there will […]


Dublin’s Best Craft Beer Pubs

A Porterhouse Flight Dublin Ireland

  Dublin’s pub scene is famous the world over, and this reputation is well deserved; more than seven hundred community watering holes dot the Dublin map from corner locals to Temple Bar superpubs. At nearly all of these pubs, you’ll find the biggest and most common brands on draught: Guinness, Smithwick’s, Bulmer’s cider, and European lager. […]


Celebrating Twenty Years of Brewing with O’Hara’s

Party Time O'Hara's Notorious

  “There’s a change in the air,” Dan tells me over the noise of the excited crowd. “Look how many showed up to celebrate with us!” Dan is a marketing specialist at O’Hara’s, one of Ireland’s largest and oldest craft beer labels. We are all gathered at the Bleeding Horse pub on Dublin’s Camden Street, celebrating the release […]


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