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A New Home

Cory and Sara at the top of the Manitou Incline Colorado Springs Colorado

  I’ve been changing my online identity today—almost a month late. One at a time, my social profiles are being updated from “US expat in Dublin” to “Iowa via Dublin via Colorado” or some other such attempts to be funny in 160 characters or less. It’s about time, as it’s been three weeks since we went […]


Living Small(er)

Cory and the Elder Leprechaun Carlingford Ireland

  A long time ago—in the distant mists of 2013—I first wrote a series of pieces about packing up our possessions and adjusting to small-apartment living. Having moved from a three-bedroom house to a one-bedroom job with a galley kitchen and a phonebooth bathroom, we had our share of growing shrinking pains. We adjusted to our new […]


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