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Surviving our Last Irish Winter

Glare on the Baily Lighthouse Howth Dublin Ireland Hiking

  Dublin—4:57 p.m. It’s dark out there. It has been for a while. As the Irish winter—officially our last—continues to crawl its way to spring, I can’t help but think about how surprised we were by the extreme latitudes of Ireland. Way back then, I wrote about the late summer sunshine and the low winter […]


A Hike on Howth Head

Baily Lighthouse

  I once wrote of Howth: Just to the North of Dublin city proper is the peninsula of Howth. Howth rhymes with “Growth,” but in some Irish accents with the hardened “th” consonant, would sound more like “Boat” with an H. Further, if the speaker is one who uses what I call the “hissing T,” […]


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