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Fun for Free in Austin

Austin’s reputation as a vibrant, diverse community is well deserved, and travelers of all tastes will find no shortage of entertainment in this warm-weather melting pot. From history to high art and taco trucks to traditional Texas barbecue joints, Austin has it all. A trip to the capital of the Lone Star State doesn’t have […]


Top Destinations in County Meath

The Many Faces of Trim Castle

County Dublin’s northwestern neighbor once enjoyed far more political influence on the Irish than the tribes living in what is now Ireland’s capital city. The ancient Kingdom of Meath traces its roots back to ancient settlers who had a flourishing society and built lasting structures long before the Ancient Egyptians build the pyramids. For centuries […]


My First Fourteener or, Oxygen Debt: a Hip-Hop Musical

Pike's Peak, Crags, Devil's Playground, Colorado, Hiking

“We been spendin’ most our lives livin’ in an Amish paradise. We’re all crazy Mennonites livin’ in an Amish paradise!” The ever-looping random playlist that constantly streams through my head abruptly shifts to the “Weird Al” Yankovic classic “Amish Paradise” — one of the only “rap” songs I can sing flawlessly, word-for-amazing-word — as we […]


Five Destinations in County Clare

The Cliffs of Moher

The west of Ireland is world-famous for quaint villages, the lilt of the Irish language, and spectacular outdoor beauty. You’ll find some of the best of all three in County Clare. Ennis The largest town in the county will probably be your first stop after your arrival at Shannon Airport on your way north. Take […]


The Most Irish Things to Do in Dublin 

Dublin Mountains

If you’re coming to Dublin, especially if it won’t be your first time, consider going beyond the traditional tourist hotspots (which, in fairness, can be a blast) and experiencing Ireland’s capital city like a local. You’ll have to explain your photos (practicing the time-honored Irish art of storytelling) to your friends and family, and there will […]


Cycling the Aran Island of Inishmore

Cliffs on Inishmore County Galway Aran Islands Ireland

“Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!” Without waiting to hear the quick sales from the row of brochure-waving pitchpeople on the gangplank, I’m smiling and grabbing every one — boat rides, bike rentals, restaurants, snorkeling adventures — doing my best impression of Will Ferrell in Elf as young, naive Buddy builds his own impressive collection of ad […]


Hiking the Crags

Crags formations Colorado Springs

“The view of Colorado Springs and the Eastern Plains is nice, but I’m ready to see the mountains on all sides. Let’s do the Crags this weekend.” Sara and I are planning for our weekly hike on Friday night. It’s true that we’ve seen the Springs from many different angles — having hiked through Red Rock […]


The Changing Moods of Valentia Island

The Skelligs Bray Head Valentia Island County Kerry Ireland

I’ve had some time to rest after the surprisingly strenuous climb of Mullaghmore in the Burren yesterday. The four of us — my brother, his two friends, and myself — are now at the very tippy tip of the Iveragh Peninsula, home of the famed Ring of Kerry. But we’re decidedly off the beaten track now; […]


Hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space: East

The lake The quarry Red Rock Canyon open space colorado springs

The longer I live in Colorado Springs — just over a month, as of this writing — the more I understand its irresistible appeal, not just to tourists, but to lifelong adventurers like me. Even though I fell into the city’s lap by lucky happenstance — just as I did in Dublin — I’m feeling […]


Marching up Mullaghmore

Burren Clare Ireland

Well, at least it isn’t raining, I think as my ankle once again cranks in what I’m sure is an unhealthy direction in the depression of another wormlike scour on the giant gray brain that is Mullaghmore — one of the highest and certainly the most striking of the rolling hills of bare limestone in Burren […]


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