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Dublin in Detail: St. Valentine in Dublin?

The Frugal Guide: Dublin Flag

  The legend of Saint Valentine is historically murky, but nonetheless cute. It is even possible that the Valentine we know may have been cobbled together from two Roman martyrs of the same time and same name. The Irish, of course, understand that a good story is much better than the truth, anyway. The most […]


Dublin in Detail: College Green

A Parade of Leias Celebrating St. Patrick's Day

  The spacious intersection stretching from the gates of Trinity College was once the very heart of Irish culture, learning, and politics. Conveniently located just below O’Connell Bridge and just down the street from Dublin Castle, it was the perfect location for Trinity College, and later for the Irish General Post Office, Parliament, and primary […]


Dublin in Detail: The Four Provinces

The Red Hand of Ulster in Dublin's City Hall Rotunda

  Before the modern counties of Ireland, the island was politically divided into provincial kingdoms with blurry boundaries, each with its own royal family and historical reputation. Dublin is in the province of Leinster (LINN-ster), covering most of east and southeast Ireland. Cork is the principal city of Munster, Galway and the west of Ireland […]


Dublin in Detail: The Easter Rising

Garden of Remembrance Dublin Ireland

  In the early morning hours of April 24, 1916—the Monday after Easter—a coordinated volunteer army marched into and seized various centers of British power in Dublin. They easily took the General Post Office and there set up their headquarters. Irish Republic flags were raised and Patrick Pearse stood outside the front door of the […]


Dublin in Detail: Kilmainham Gaol

Kilmainham Gaol East Wing

  This must-see Dublin landmark is the best way for a foreign tourist to get a primer on the complex birth of modern Ireland. It is operated by Ireland’s national monument service OPW, which means it is run tastefully and efficiently, and is well worth the small admission fee and the trip out to the […]


Dublin in Detail: Croke Park and Gaelic Sports

The View from Hill 16 Croke Park Dublin Ireland

  Hurling and Gaelic football date back to ancient times among the Irish Gaels, and they are always the biggest athletic events in Ireland—bigger than soccer and rugby. Hurling and Camogie (women’s hurling) is played something like field hockey or lacrosse. Players use ash sticks and their hands to propel a small ball, a sliotar, around […]


Dublin in Detail: The Battle of Clontarf

Brian Boru Mural

  The Battle of Clontarf celebrated its 1000-year anniversary in 2014. Festivals popped up all over Dublin, celebrating all things Viking and Viking-Age Ireland. The story of this battle and its main players is quite complex and shrouded in innuendo and mystery—as you might expect from a complex political/military drama from the eleventh century. On April […]


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