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Irish Thanksgiving Memories


Now that we’re back in the land of freedom and frappuccinos and the kind of football that requires a helmet and a 400-page manual detailing the finer points of what constitutes catching a ball, we can again celebrate one of my favorite American holidays with friends and family. But in preparing for a day of […]


Top Destinations in County Meath

The Many Faces of Trim Castle

County Dublin’s northwestern neighbor once enjoyed far more political influence on the Irish than the tribes living in what is now Ireland’s capital city. The ancient Kingdom of Meath traces its roots back to ancient settlers who had a flourishing society and built lasting structures long before the Ancient Egyptians build the pyramids. For centuries […]


The Most Irish Things to Do in Dublin 

Dublin Mountains

If you’re coming to Dublin, especially if it won’t be your first time, consider going beyond the traditional tourist hotspots (which, in fairness, can be a blast) and experiencing Ireland’s capital city like a local. You’ll have to explain your photos (practicing the time-honored Irish art of storytelling) to your friends and family, and there will […]


Easter Rising Self-Guided Walking Tour, Kilmainham

Goldenbridge Cemetery Richmond Barracks Dublin Ireland

You’re a young, energetic Irish upstart in the early twentieth century, your friends have always told you you’re full of piss and vinegar. You’re probably a member of Dublin’s working or middle class. You’ve seen a lot in your twenty- or thirty-odd years of life in Ireland: political strife, labor disputes, British forces tightening the screws […]


St. Audeon’s Church

St. Audeon's Tower from the west gate Dublin Ireland

Tourists of all faiths — and levels of dedication thereto — form long lines to visit Dublin’s two most famous cathedrals, pulling out fistfuls of hard-earned scratch for the privilege. Unfortunately, many of them have no idea that there is another city centre church, nearly as old as St. Patrick’s and Christ Church, with no shortage […]


Review – Richmond Barracks

The Restored Cupola atop the Gymnasium Richmond Barracks Dublin Ireland

I first saw the crumbling, run-down hulk of Richmond Barracks in 2014 on a Let’s Walk and Talk tour led by renowned Dublin historian Pat Liddy. At the time, the barracks were little more than a historical footnote in a neighborhood that had seen better days. Pat, with his own personal brand of flair, put […]


Review – Kilmainham Gaol

A Kilmainham Cell Lock Kilmainham Gaol Dublin Ireland

  Sporting a fresh new look — and a fresh new cafe, and a fresh new website — Kilmainham Gaol (pronounced “JAIL”) is back at capacity and better than ever. My old Dublin favorite took her time with a major restoration project spanning from late 2014 until a just-under-the-wire reopening for the 1916 Easter Rising […]


Ireland’s American Spirit Cities – Part 1

The Kilkenny Cat

  As we prepare to take our leave from Ireland — for a while, at least — we’ve been reminiscing about all the colorful Irish places we’ve visited. Despite being a relatively small, homogenous country, Ireland’s towns and cities are surprisingly unique; each has its own special character — and cast of characters — just like the […]


Irish Lasts

Baily Lighthouse

  I remember many of my Irish firsts. Even without looking back to the July/August archive of the Old Blog, I can picture myself stumbling around the city, naively looking for street signs, supermarkets, and more than one electrical outlet in a room. I remember seeing my first magpie; my first Irish slug; my first […]


In Which Cory Gets into a Very Cold Spot

A-floating Forty Foot Sandycove Dublin Ireland

  Things in Dublin were getting fairer and fairer as the rainy spring days stretched themselves into long summer days; the bright, warming sun-shine was drawing the people out of their homes into the parks and beaches of the city. But as the days were getting longer, Cory’s time in Dublin was getting shorter; his […]


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