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St. Audeon’s Church

St. Audeon's Tower from the west gate Dublin Ireland

Tourists of all faiths — and levels of dedication thereto — form long lines to visit Dublin’s two most famous cathedrals, pulling out fistfuls of hard-earned scratch for the privilege. Unfortunately, many of them have no idea that there is another city centre church, nearly as old as St. Patrick’s and Christ Church, with no shortage […]


Review – Dublin’s Cathedrals

Christ Church Cathedral Dublin Ireland

  Ireland — the “Land of Saints and Scholars” on many a tourist brochure — has no shortage of religious attractions for churchy types and Sunday-morning snoozers alike. With 1600 years of Christian tradition, and who knows how many years of pre-Christian religious practice before that, it’s difficult to throw a rock from the top […]


Dublin in Detail: St. Valentine in Dublin?

The Frugal Guide: Dublin Flag

  The legend of Saint Valentine is historically murky, but nonetheless cute. It is even possible that the Valentine we know may have been cobbled together from two Roman martyrs of the same time and same name. The Irish, of course, understand that a good story is much better than the truth, anyway. The most […]


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