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A Christmas Morning Shave in Istanbul

The Barber Flashing the Flame

“Good morning! Happy Christmas!” Our hostel hosts are giving all of the white, Western faces emerging from their rooms the compliments of the season with the more internationally known “happy” rather than the American favorite “merry.” Here in Istanbul, with deep cultural and religious roots in both Christianity and Islam, everyone knows and respects each […]


A Cold Cork Christmas Eve

Cork's English Market

  With the holidays firmly upon us, it’s time to experience new things…and remember good things we have experienced in Christmases past. For the long-distance expats who visit family in the summertime—a sensible choice for those in temperate climates like the American Midwest—the holidays are the perfect excuse to travel somewhere warm and exotic. In […]


Christmas in Dublin

Christmas in Dublin

Christmas is Coming to Dublin …And there’s a lot to do! If you’re coming to Dublin in the next few weeks, check some of the following schedules for markets, tree-lightings, and more! Dublin Event Guide ( – Home to a great weekly list of free events, holiday or not. Subscribe and follow so you don’t […]


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