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Irish Thanksgiving Memories


Now that we’re back in the land of freedom and frappuccinos and the kind of football that requires a helmet and a 400-page manual detailing the finer points of what constitutes catching a ball, we can again celebrate one of my favorite American holidays with friends and family. But in preparing for a day of […]


Five Suitcases on the Blog Awards Ireland 2016 Longlist

Cory in the Snow Dublin Mountains Fairy Castle

Thanks to the cool folks over at Littlewoods Ireland Blog Awards for including Five Suitcases in the 2016 Longlist in the Travel Blog category! Every year, I find new and interesting blogs and bloggers thanks to the tireless work of the volunteer judges and curators of Blog Awards Ireland, and I’m grateful to be considered among the […]


A New Home

Cory and Sara at the top of the Manitou Incline Colorado Springs Colorado

  I’ve been changing my online identity today—almost a month late. One at a time, my social profiles are being updated from “US expat in Dublin” to “Iowa via Dublin via Colorado” or some other such attempts to be funny in 160 characters or less. It’s about time, as it’s been three weeks since we went […]


Irish Lasts

Baily Lighthouse

  I remember many of my Irish firsts. Even without looking back to the July/August archive of the Old Blog, I can picture myself stumbling around the city, naively looking for street signs, supermarkets, and more than one electrical outlet in a room. I remember seeing my first magpie; my first Irish slug; my first […]


In Which Cory Gets into a Very Cold Spot

A-floating Forty Foot Sandycove Dublin Ireland

  Things in Dublin were getting fairer and fairer as the rainy spring days stretched themselves into long summer days; the bright, warming sun-shine was drawing the people out of their homes into the parks and beaches of the city. But as the days were getting longer, Cory’s time in Dublin was getting shorter; his […]


How to Use Twitter to Improve Your Writing

Tweet about writing

  Twitter is a powerful tool for writers, providing opportunities to share and market your work, connect with your audience, and build a network of other writers and publishers — all for free. But Twitter can, and should, be more than just a blind, boring marketing tool. Its character limit and its real-time interaction have […]


Living Small(er)

Cory and the Elder Leprechaun Carlingford Ireland

  A long time ago—in the distant mists of 2013—I first wrote a series of pieces about packing up our possessions and adjusting to small-apartment living. Having moved from a three-bedroom house to a one-bedroom job with a galley kitchen and a phonebooth bathroom, we had our share of growing shrinking pains. We adjusted to our new […]


Visiting our Future Home

Visiting our Future Home

  Our time in Ireland is short. Really short. Our days on the Emerald Isle are numbered—in double digits. We’ve known our departure date this summer for months, but it always felt distant, somewhere “after the preview trip in April.” Well, now there’s nothing between us and our moving date, because we are fresh off […]


Surviving our Last Irish Winter

Glare on the Baily Lighthouse Howth Dublin Ireland Hiking

  Dublin—4:57 p.m. It’s dark out there. It has been for a while. As the Irish winter—officially our last—continues to crawl its way to spring, I can’t help but think about how surprised we were by the extreme latitudes of Ireland. Way back then, I wrote about the late summer sunshine and the low winter […]


Copenhagen First Impressions


  We’ve just returned from a very fast holiday weekend trip to Denmark, and what a weekend it was! Last year, we visited the Highlands of Scotland on the October holiday, and were unlucky with lashing rain and wind…what do you expect from Scotland in late October? Seeming to have not learned our lesson, we […]


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