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The Most Irish Things to Do in Dublin 

Dublin Mountains

If you’re coming to Dublin, especially if it won’t be your first time, consider going beyond the traditional tourist hotspots (which, in fairness, can be a blast) and experiencing Ireland’s capital city like a local. You’ll have to explain your photos (practicing the time-honored Irish art of storytelling) to your friends and family, and there will […]


Review: Paradox Beer Company

Beer barrels Paradox Beer Company Divide Colorado

“What a great hike! Now, where’s the nearest brewery?” Thankfully, in Colorado, you’re never far from either a top-notch hiking trail or an adventurous craft brewery, and I’ve found since moving here that the two go very well together — provided the hike comes before the beer. And so it was for us after hiking the […]


Hit the Hiking Trails in Denver

Lookout Mountain Colorado

Denver, the Mile-High City, has no shortage of cultural attractions and big-city entertainment, but it is also an affordable and convenient hub from which to launch a series of day hikes. Its wide selection of lodging, convenient and scenic location, and buzzing nightlife should make Denver a top choice when you plan your next hiking […]


Review – Killarney Brewing Company

Taps at Killarney Brewing Kerry Ireland

  “It’s all about the process,” my new friend Padraig tells us. He lets a handful of roasted grains run through his fingers and passes the jar along for all of us to have a sniff. I do as instructed, and pick up the dark-caramel-bordering-on-chocolate characteristic of grains of this roast. It’s nice. Padraig continues, […]


Catch a Ballgame and a Deep-Dish Pizza in Chicago

Chicago skyline Illinois USA

Chicago, America’s “Second City,” has no shortage of shopping opportunities, entertainment, and cultural attractions for visitors of every stripe, but it might be best known for its historic sports franchises — and their rabid fans — and thick, saucy deep-dish pizza. When you’re in town, why not enjoy both? Plan your visit well in advance to […]


Belgian Beers – A Newbie Nerd’s Guide

Kwak Beer in Special Glasses Brussels Belgium

  The Reinheitsgebot, the German Beer Purity Laws, were enacted in the kingdom of Bavaria in 1516, making them among the world’s oldest known food safety regulations. According to these strict brewing guidelines, German brewers could use only barley, water, and hops in their beers. No wheat, no corn, no fruit, no spices. (Not even yeast, […]


Dublin’s Best Craft Beer Pubs

A Porterhouse Flight Dublin Ireland

  Dublin’s pub scene is famous the world over, and this reputation is well deserved; more than seven hundred community watering holes dot the Dublin map from corner locals to Temple Bar superpubs. At nearly all of these pubs, you’ll find the biggest and most common brands on draught: Guinness, Smithwick’s, Bulmer’s cider, and European lager. […]


Launching a New Imperial Stout with O’Hara’s

The New Imperial Stout O'Hara's Carlow Brewing Ireland

  “It’s about people wanting something different,” says beer enthusiast John Duffy to a packed house at Neary’s Bar in Dublin’s city centre. I am in the back with a couple of fellow craft beer enthusiasts, and we’re all listening to a panel discussion with Mr. Duffy, joined by Seamus O’Hara and Conor Donoghue, founder […]


Celebrating Twenty Years of Brewing with O’Hara’s

Party Time O'Hara's Notorious

  “There’s a change in the air,” Dan tells me over the noise of the excited crowd. “Look how many showed up to celebrate with us!” Dan is a marketing specialist at O’Hara’s, one of Ireland’s largest and oldest craft beer labels. We are all gathered at the Bleeding Horse pub on Dublin’s Camden Street, celebrating the release […]


A Cold Cork Christmas Eve

Cork's English Market

  With the holidays firmly upon us, it’s time to experience new things…and remember good things we have experienced in Christmases past. For the long-distance expats who visit family in the summertime—a sensible choice for those in temperate climates like the American Midwest—the holidays are the perfect excuse to travel somewhere warm and exotic. In […]


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