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The Cubs Break a Curse

A Dejected Hotdog

The Chicago Cubs, after more than a century of close calls, almost-theres, goats, ghosts, and an unfortunate man in a green turtleneck and even more unfortunate headphones, have won the 2016 World Series. In doing so, they have broken one of the oldest and most famous American sports curses. Like the Curse of the Bambino in Boston (1918–2004) […]


Hotels for Every Taste in Pittsburgh

PNC Park Pittsburgh, PA Pennsylvania

  The historically industrial city of Pittsburgh is enjoying a modern, youthful revival as its decaying manufacturing plants continue to be replaced with parks, shopping, and entertainment. Sports fans can catch a game at PNC Park or Heinz Field, and outdoorsy travelers can rent a bicycle and hit the trails following the rivers through the city […]


What to Expect at an American Baseball Game

A Dejected Hotdog

  Exploring the sporting traditions of different cultures can provide some of the best insights into the soul of a people—their gladiatorial preferences echoing who they are at a very deep level. People brought up in a sporting culture have a difficult time explaining just why they love a particular game—and the surrounding traditions—as much […]


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