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Full Disclosure

Travel Reviews

Some of the attractions and tours reviewed here on Five Suitcases have been invited, complimentary media visits; sometimes just for the author, sometimes for the author and a photographer. Without these invited visits, these reviews simply could not be written, as it would not be feasible to self-fund admission to so many tours and attractions.

I take care to only review experiences that I think will be worthwhile—if I don’t think I’m likely to enjoy it, or if my target audience won’t enjoy it, I skip it. This is in fairness to myself, my readers, and the business operators.

When I do visit a normally paid experience for an invited media tour, it is always done under the condition that I am an independent travel critic visiting to publish an honest review.

Sponsored Posts

Occasionally, I will write and publish sponsored posts on the blog. This content helps pay for the ongoing maintenance of the website and for my effort in publishing regular, high-quality content. I only work with trustworthy, legitimate businesses, and will always properly label sponsored posts and include a link to this disclosure.

Collaborative Posts

These posts, paid or non-paid, promote and review free entertainment, books, and other resources relevant to Five Suitcases readers.


The Internet survives on advertisements. I include Google Adsense content on posts and pages, but do so in the least intrusive way possible. I do not believe in pop-ups, annoying calls-to-action, autoplay videos, or other intrusive monetization techniques. I want you to get to my content with as little inconvenience as necessary.

Affiliate Links

On some pages, I may use affiliate shopping links to buy products or services related to my content. If you care to, visit these sites through my links and do some shopping to support me at no extra cost to you.

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