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My First Fourteener or, Oxygen Debt: a Hip-Hop Musical

Pike's Peak, Crags, Devil's Playground, Colorado, Hiking

“We been spendin’ most our lives livin’ in an Amish paradise. We’re all crazy Mennonites livin’ in an Amish paradise!” The ever-looping random playlist that constantly streams through my head abruptly shifts to the “Weird Al” Yankovic classic “Amish Paradise” — one of the only “rap” songs I can sing flawlessly, word-for-amazing-word — as we […]


Review – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

View from the chair lift at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado Springs

Tucked away on the leeward face of Cheyenne Mountain, overlooking Colorado Springs and the Eastern Colorado plains, is a family-friendly animal attraction that takes full advantage of its picturesque setting with wide-open viewpoints, a thrilling aerial adventure, and more than a little slimy giraffe tongue. A zoo with a view At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you’ll begin your […]


Review: Paradox Beer Company

Beer barrels Paradox Beer Company Divide Colorado

“What a great hike! Now, where’s the nearest brewery?” Thankfully, in Colorado, you’re never far from either a top-notch hiking trail or an adventurous craft brewery, and I’ve found since moving here that the two go very well together — provided the hike comes before the beer. And so it was for us after hiking the […]


Hiking the Crags

Crags formations Colorado Springs

“The view of Colorado Springs and the Eastern Plains is nice, but I’m ready to see the mountains on all sides. Let’s do the Crags this weekend.” Sara and I are planning for our weekly hike on Friday night. It’s true that we’ve seen the Springs from many different angles — having hiked through Red Rock […]


Hiking Red Rock Canyon Open Space: East

The lake The quarry Red Rock Canyon open space colorado springs

The longer I live in Colorado Springs — just over a month, as of this writing — the more I understand its irresistible appeal, not just to tourists, but to lifelong adventurers like me. Even though I fell into the city’s lap by lucky happenstance — just as I did in Dublin — I’m feeling […]


A New Home

Cory and Sara at the top of the Manitou Incline Colorado Springs Colorado

  I’ve been changing my online identity today—almost a month late. One at a time, my social profiles are being updated from “US expat in Dublin” to “Iowa via Dublin via Colorado” or some other such attempts to be funny in 160 characters or less. It’s about time, as it’s been three weeks since we went […]


Hit the Hiking Trails in Denver

Lookout Mountain Colorado

Denver, the Mile-High City, has no shortage of cultural attractions and big-city entertainment, but it is also an affordable and convenient hub from which to launch a series of day hikes. Its wide selection of lodging, convenient and scenic location, and buzzing nightlife should make Denver a top choice when you plan your next hiking […]


Visiting our Future Home

Visiting our Future Home

  Our time in Ireland is short. Really short. Our days on the Emerald Isle are numbered—in double digits. We’ve known our departure date this summer for months, but it always felt distant, somewhere “after the preview trip in April.” Well, now there’s nothing between us and our moving date, because we are fresh off […]


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