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Review – Cheyenne Mountain Zoo

View from the chair lift at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Colorado Springs

Tucked away on the leeward face of Cheyenne Mountain, overlooking Colorado Springs and the Eastern Colorado plains, is a family-friendly animal attraction that takes full advantage of its picturesque setting with wide-open viewpoints, a thrilling aerial adventure, and more than a little slimy giraffe tongue. A zoo with a view At Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, you’ll begin your […]


Review: Paradox Beer Company

Beer barrels Paradox Beer Company Divide Colorado

“What a great hike! Now, where’s the nearest brewery?” Thankfully, in Colorado, you’re never far from either a top-notch hiking trail or an adventurous craft brewery, and I’ve found since moving here that the two go very well together — provided the hike comes before the beer. And so it was for us after hiking the […]


Book Review – Richmond Barracks 1916: “We Were There” – 77 Women of the Easter Rising

“The old idea that a woman can only serve her nation through her home is gone.” —Countess Constance Markievicz, Irish social activist, revolutionary, and politician We are currently in the middle of a big decade for Ireland. From 2012–2022, the modern Republic of Ireland celebrates the 100-year anniversaries of the some of the most important moments […]


St. Audeon’s Church

St. Audeon's Tower from the west gate Dublin Ireland

Tourists of all faiths — and levels of dedication thereto — form long lines to visit Dublin’s two most famous cathedrals, pulling out fistfuls of hard-earned scratch for the privilege. Unfortunately, many of them have no idea that there is another city centre church, nearly as old as St. Patrick’s and Christ Church, with no shortage […]


Review – Richmond Barracks

The Restored Cupola atop the Gymnasium Richmond Barracks Dublin Ireland

I first saw the crumbling, run-down hulk of Richmond Barracks in 2014 on a Let’s Walk and Talk tour led by renowned Dublin historian Pat Liddy. At the time, the barracks were little more than a historical footnote in a neighborhood that had seen better days. Pat, with his own personal brand of flair, put […]


Review – Kilmainham Gaol

A Kilmainham Cell Lock Kilmainham Gaol Dublin Ireland

  Sporting a fresh new look — and a fresh new cafe, and a fresh new website — Kilmainham Gaol (pronounced “JAIL”) is back at capacity and better than ever. My old Dublin favorite took her time with a major restoration project spanning from late 2014 until a just-under-the-wire reopening for the 1916 Easter Rising […]


Review – Killarney Brewing Company

Taps at Killarney Brewing Kerry Ireland

  “It’s all about the process,” my new friend Padraig tells us. He lets a handful of roasted grains run through his fingers and passes the jar along for all of us to have a sniff. I do as instructed, and pick up the dark-caramel-bordering-on-chocolate characteristic of grains of this roast. It’s nice. Padraig continues, […]


Review – National Botanic Gardens

Blooming Orchid National Botanic Gardens Glasnevin Dublin Ireland

  The romantic mind’s-eye image of Dublin, for most, is indoors. The Book of Kells encased in a glass case, scored by monastic chanting; an interactive display at the Guinness Storehouse or Old Jameson Distillery; a wooden table in a darkened pub, covered with even-darker pints while a gathered crowd “plays the floor” along with […]


Review – Dublin’s Cathedrals

Christ Church Cathedral Dublin Ireland

  Ireland — the “Land of Saints and Scholars” on many a tourist brochure — has no shortage of religious attractions for churchy types and Sunday-morning snoozers alike. With 1600 years of Christian tradition, and who knows how many years of pre-Christian religious practice before that, it’s difficult to throw a rock from the top […]


Review – Number Twenty-Nine ESB Georgian House Museum

Pepper Canister Church, Georgian Dublin

In the heart of wealthy Georgian-era Dublin—a historic neighborhood defined by arrow-straight streets; flat, four-story building fronts with windows of ever-decreasing size; and brightly colored and well-ornamented front doors—you can get a small glimpse of what daily life was like for the folks who lived here when the streets were busy with horse-drawn cabs instead […]


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