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Highlights of Ancient Athens

The Temple of Hephaestus Athens Greece Ancient Agora

  The influence of the Ancient Greeks on our world today is difficult to measure. Their contributions to math and science, music and art, and philosophy and politics inspired European thinkers during the Enlightenment, bringing the Western world out of the Dark Ages and providing a foundation upon which to build modern civilization. Thankfully, it isn’t only their […]


Gallery: Cats of Greece

A Twofer on Hydra Greece

  When we visited Morocco in December 2014, we noticed an unusually large population of stray street cats. Our first thoughts were of pity for these domesticated animals living tough lives on the streets. But as we looked at them more closely, they seemed to be healthier—on the whole—than we would have thought. Walking through the streets, we […]


Hydra Thunder

Hydra's Harbor Hydra Greece

  Greece–December 2015 I was scuffling with a stubborn case of traveler’s sickness. Often feeling as if I’d eaten the jagged metal Krusty-O, I was determined not to let it beat me or ruin my experience. With gritted teeth, I left Athens behind and boarded the ferry to Hydra. This rocky, hilly little island across […]


First Impressions of Greece

Acropolis Maidens Athens

  I hate to trivialize the ease with which privileged Westerners can quickly skip from Istanbul to Athens on a short, cheap flight, but that was coincidentally the route of our holiday 2015 trip—planned before the refugee crisis at the time became the subject of daily headlines. Greece and Turkey, despite being so near to […]


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