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My First Fourteener or, Oxygen Debt: a Hip-Hop Musical

Pike's Peak, Crags, Devil's Playground, Colorado, Hiking

“We been spendin’ most our lives livin’ in an Amish paradise. We’re all crazy Mennonites livin’ in an Amish paradise!” The ever-looping random playlist that constantly streams through my head abruptly shifts to the “Weird Al” Yankovic classic “Amish Paradise” — one of the only “rap” songs I can sing flawlessly, word-for-amazing-word — as we […]


Ireland’s American Spirit Cities – Part 2

Queen Victoria statue, Belfast City Hall

  Portlaoise: Florence, Colorado Where do the Americans put their most dastardly criminals? Somewhere deep in the heart of the continent, where any escapees would be surrounded by untold miles of hostile desolation if they were to get past the razor wire and guard towers. America puts these dangerous characters in the federal supermax prison […]


Ireland’s American Spirit Cities – Part 1

The Kilkenny Cat

  As we prepare to take our leave from Ireland — for a while, at least — we’ve been reminiscing about all the colorful Irish places we’ve visited. Despite being a relatively small, homogenous country, Ireland’s towns and cities are surprisingly unique; each has its own special character — and cast of characters — just like the […]


In Which Cory Gets into a Very Cold Spot

A-floating Forty Foot Sandycove Dublin Ireland

  Things in Dublin were getting fairer and fairer as the rainy spring days stretched themselves into long summer days; the bright, warming sun-shine was drawing the people out of their homes into the parks and beaches of the city. But as the days were getting longer, Cory’s time in Dublin was getting shorter; his […]


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