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Five Free Things to Do in Vienna

View of the City from the Vienna Woods

  Austria’s beautiful and historic capital has no shortage of sights to see and things to do, but some of the city’s most popular attractions come with hefty admission fees. Luckily, the City of Music also offers top-notch entertainment for the budget traveler willing to stray from the beaten path. Visit the Perfect Parks Vienna […]


Vienna Vignettes – The Obligatory Palace

View from the Gloriana Vienna

  DUBLIN–JULY 21, 2015 13:22 Our final 48 hours in Austria were so exciting and exhausting, I couldn’t find the strength to sit and compose the last chapter of our Vienna Voyage. After a full day back in (much cooler) Dublin, I’m ready to give it a try. We scheduled our cycling adventure on a […]


Vienna Vignettes – Pedaling the Wachau

Der Schloss Wachau

  VIENNA–JULY 18, 2015 16:27 Yesterday was an amazing, exhausting rush. We had been planning a day trip to Austria’s famous wine-growing region, the Wachau, for months. This idyllic valley runs along a stretch of the Danube, and its intense sunshine makes it perfect for vineyards and orchards. The blue/green river, waterside castles, and quaint […]


Vienna Vignettes – Eternal Rest

A Ghostly Mourner

  VIENNA–JULY 16, 2015 21:14 Have you ever seen a news broadcast of an important event? During the broadcast, as the reporters and journalists are interviewing the principals of the event, have you ever seen the tourist kibbitzers? Rubberneckers? Gaping gawkers? I think I was one of those today. My first order of business today […]


Vienna Vignettes – Moving Pictures

Anker Clock

  VIENNA–JULY 16, 2015 Yesterday was a slower day for me, and a very exciting day for Sara. She was giving a presentation at her science conference while I continued my barnacle-like bumming around the beautiful city of Vienna. I did some writing in the morning before heading out to grab photographs of a few […]


Vienna Vignettes – A Musical Afternoon

St. John of Nepomuk, St. Peter's Church

  VIENNA–JULY 14, 2015 20:33 I accidentally attended a funeral today. Let’s rewind. I struck out this morning to take the (free) audio tour of the interior and exterior of St. Stephen’s Church here in Vienna. We’d seen the church before, but I had set aside some time to listen though the guided tour – […]


Vienna Vignettes – The Ring and the Island

"Come sit with me children...FOREVER!"

  VIENNA–JULY 13, 2015 18:35 Last night, we jumped down to the Danube Canal banks near our apartment within the Ringstrasse. Vienna really knows how to showcase her own features; even though the water of this side channel of the great river was a sickly green color, both banks were accessible by a well-lit, wide […]


Vienna Vignettes – A Walk in the Woods

Walking in the Wienerwald

  VIENNA–JULY 13, 2015 18:22 We grabbed an early flight from Dublin Saturday morning, having finally readjusted our internal clocks since returning from 10 wonderful days on the US West Coast with family. Dublin Airport was packed with fellow getter-outers, fleeing Ireland despite the unusually warm and sunny summer weather. Well…travel plans have to be […]


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