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The Frugal Guide: Dublin

April 2016 Update Available Now!

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In addition to the free book, I’m producing a series of audio tours, interviews, and other supplemental audio content for the sensible spender in Dublin. Subscribe on iTunes or find each episode at Also, feel free to listen to the latest episodes in the player below.



Special thanks to everyone who encouraged me and pushed me to finish this project: the blog readers who first asked for my Dublin advice and later cheered me on through the long writing and editing process; my family and friends who not only gave me emotional support, but who looked over my book drafts to point out everything from unfamiliar and unclear references to glaring typos that I had missed; and everyone who has downloaded, read, shared, reviewed, and – most importantly – used and enjoyed the book. I’m proud to have produced something that will help so many Dublin visitors, now and in the future.

Was this book or podcast helpful or informative? I genuinely hope so. This project has been the product of countless hours of research, traveling, and writing – and the work is always ongoing. I am continuing to keep the book updated and am always looking for even more fun (and free!) things to do in this great city.

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Enjoy your visit to Dublin!

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