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The Frugal Guide: Dublin  COVER11.25

This is was my first book, published originally in December 2014 in multiple eBook formats on Smashwords. It was my response to numerous requests for insider tips and information about Dublin from prospective visitors. First a very long form letter, the book slowly took shape with guided and narrated walking tours, maps, lists, and reviews of free, cheap, and paid attractions in the city. I decided to make the book available for free so as to benefit the largest possible number of tourists, and to better promote the more obscure  Dublin gems that I believe deserve more exposure and visitors. The book is currently undergoing a large update for 2016.

The latest update is available for free direct download from these and other eBook distributors:

Also, don’t miss out on the free audio content I’ve produced for the book, including narrated guides of the walks in the book and interviews with curators of free and inexpensive Dublin attractions. Download each on PodOMatic or find them on iTunes.


Vienna Vignettes

This collection of journal entries written while on a week-long adventure in Vienna is hopefully the first of many such live public journal collections. The published edition is an expanded and improved collection of the live blog posts—edited with the benefit of time and hindsight.

Coming Soon: Five Suitcases

The logical conclusion to the expat blog: the expat memoir! Not a reprinting of blog posts, but a standalone work chronicling our hopefully humorous journey from learning of our impending uprooting to finding our way in and around Ireland. Look for publishing details soon.

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