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Gallery: Cats of Greece


When we visited Morocco in December 2014, we noticed an unusually large population of stray street cats. Our first thoughts were of pity for these domesticated animals living tough lives on the streets. But as we looked at them more closely, they seemed to be healthier—on the whole—than we would have thought. Walking through the streets, we noticed that many homes and shops laid out bowls of water and food—sometimes the grisly remains of chicken heads and animal guts at the butcher—for the resident cats.

A Twofer on Hydra Greece

A Twofer on Hydra

Traveling to other warm-weather countries, we’ve seen more of the same: lots of cared-for stray cats—zero rats. So it is has been with only a little guilt that we’ve taken hundreds of pictures of the street cats of the Mediterranean, which you can find on my Twitter feed (along with more travel photography every day).

Hanging out at the Acropolis Greece

Hanging out at the Acropolis

First up, the cats of Athens and the island of Hydra, Greece. Search for the hashtag #catsofgreece to follow the story live or click on the Flickr album embedded below:

Cats of Greece

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