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1916 Centenary Walking and Talking


This year, Ireland marks the 100-year anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising—the failed rebellion that kicked off Ireland’s War of Independence and ultimately led to victory over the British and the establishment of the Republic of Ireland. During the weeklong battle of the Rising, the Irish Volunteers seized important British strongholds around the country, but the best-known battles all happened right in the middle of Dublin.

To mark the occasion, Dublin City Council’s Let’s Walk and Talk program has scheduled a series of special guided walks, led by respected local historian Pat Liddy, through the pivotal battlefields and landmarks of the Rising in Dublin.

Pat Liddy at Arbor Hill Cemetery Dublin Ireland

Pat Liddy at Arbor Hill Cemetery

The series includes guided walks—with a rich historical backdrop provided by Mr. Liddy—through the failed attempt to take Dublin Castle; the more successful takeover of the General Post Office on O’Connell Street; the fallback location at the Four Courts and fighting on Church Street; Richmond Barracks and Kilmainham Gaol, where many of the captured Rising leaders were tried and executed; and less-famous but no-less-important points of interest at Fairview, Phibsborough, and Beggar’s Bush.

For the full schedule of the special 1916-themed walks (all of which are free and very well attended), check the Let’s Walk and Talk main site or the PDF of the flyer. For more about the 1916 Centenary celebrations in Dublin and around Ireland, visit the official site at

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