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Major Frugal Guide: Dublin Update


It’s been more than a month since The Frugal Guide: Dublin has seen any updates or changes. The book had reached what I considered a stable state – the formatting was solid, my favorite attractions were included, and I had decided to slow down on continued research for a while.


In the early stages of planning the book, I had hoped to include text boxes and sidebars with supplemental information that wasn’t necessarily needed in the body of the traditional guidebook material. These sidebars would allow me to tell longer stories about particular people and places without drifting too far away from the practical information needed for the tourist on the street.

Sadly, as I was assembling and formatting the book for e-publishing, I couldn’t find a way to make text boxes work with the multiple formats and multiple platforms I hoped to support. As a result, some of the additional material was built into the body of the chapters, and much more was cut or left out.

Reading an e-magazine recently (the classic video game magazine Scroll), I noticed a sidebar format that looked like it would work perfectly for The Frugal Guide, and I got to work right away. Each of the sidebars is now worked into each chapter as a separate page, easily skippable and as unobtrusive as I could make them. Those looking for more stories can easily read them; those looking for the nuts and bolts of Dublin can read right on.

I also wrote a full additional chapter covering the northeast side of Dublin. I visited the Casino Marino and the Clontarf coast recently, and thought they deserved at least a mention in the book. This meant more map creation and careful research, both on the computer and on the ground. It was nice to finally include a few more obscure landmarks (do you know the Five Lamps?) and more about Dublin’s modern and ancient history.

As always, the book is available for free download from all the usual eBook outlets. Grab it, read it, share it, rate it, all the usual good stuff. Thanks again for the support and encouragement – before long, I’ll have to get to work on the 2016 edition!

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