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Anyone out there using Google Plus?

When setting up the social channels for The Frugal Guide and Five Suitcases, I considered going through the steps of setting up a G+ page for both. I decided to prioritize Facebook and Twitter first, those being the most-used social services in the English-speaking world.

While recently revamping my YouTube channel to reflect the almost exclusively video game content thereon, I decided to go ahead and set up G+ pages for both The Frugal Guide: Dublin and Five Suitcases

My Slick Square Profile Cover

My Slick Square Profile Cover

Since starting this self-promotion game on social media, I’ve come to see why large companies hire full-time social media managers to craft and care for these carefully-branded pages. Every time I publish an article, I have to spend additional time crafting a promotional post and choosing accompanying images for Twitter, Facebook (sometimes more than one Facebook page), and now Google Plus. If I had multiple announcements each day as do the big shots, I’d certainly need a manager to keep track of it all. That, or use Twitter exclusively like so many other authors and celebrities.

Google Plus is slick; I like it. Its only drawback—and this has been pointed out endlessly on the Internet—is that it was too late to the party. Facebook had already gobbled up the market, and getting people to switch or, Heaven forbid, manage posts on multiple platforms, is difficult. Most of my friends, family, and contacts are already using Facebook for social connections, photo sharing, and free-to-play slot machine games—which they are unknowingly inviting me to play, as well.

But Google, being the search engine juggernaut they are, make G+ pages and posts very easy to find in searches. Simply by sharing my posts on G+, my search engine results improve greatly. Sometimes, annoyingly, searching for an article of mine brings up the G+ post promoting the article several pages before the actual article, but at least it’s showing up on the front page with my picture and a snippet of the article text. This is free, easy search engine performance that I simply can’t afford to lose.

So, if you are using Google Plus regularly and have been waiting and waiting for me to finally get off my duff and set up profiles, today is your lucky day. Feel free to +1 (that’s a like), share, comment, and review both The Frugal Guide and Five Suitcases on Google Plus.

And while you’re at it…

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