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I’ve just returned from an unforgettable long weekend in the rural, rustic, natural wonderland that is County Kerry in Southwest Ireland. My writing schedule is still slowly bouncing back to its usual, pre-trip level, and there is a lot coming up.

Killarney National Park

Killarney National Park

I have written (and will be writing more) short travel pieces about Irish cities and natural landmarks I’ve visited. These are for sale on the Internet article sale website Constant Content. Some of these will be for sale as usage only, meaning I can republish them on my own website and maintain ownership of the content. Usage only (basically a permission to reprint) licenses are priced to move, so hopefully my travel byline will begin to pop up more and more in print and around the Web.

My local urban river care organization Dodder Action has a river cleanup scheduled for this upcoming Saturday.

I’ll be in attendance and I’ll be writing a newspaper article about this mini-clean and the rest of DA’s 2015 activities, including a school art contest, the big river-wide (long?) cleanup Dodder Day, and promotion of the Dodder Greenway with the local authorities.

Also, news has just reached me that part of the Kilmainham Gaol tour is currently closed for a lengthy renovation project. Tours on days with closures and disruptions will have a discounted price, and they are hoping to never have to completely close the tour. I’ll be working on a book update with an italic entry regarding the renovation as soon as I hear back from a representative with a better time frame for the project and tour disruptions.

And of course, work continues on my next book. I’ve begun putting the pieces together into what will hopefully soon be a single, complete, cohesive work. Exciting things are ahead, not just the long, warm days of the rapidly-approaching summer.

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