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New Frugal Guide Update Available Now


The Frugal Guide: Dublin has been available for about ten weeks now, and has already seen nearly 400 downloads and seven significant updates and revisions. Most of these have been small, optional changes like adding a new joke about Phil Lynott and Bono — scratch that, any new joke about Bono is a mandatory revision — but some have reflected major changes.

This week, I found out that my favorite old church tourist office on Suffolk Street closed its doors in favor of a new, sleek, modern TI just a few doors down the street. For the first time since its publication, my book had a significantly out-of-date entry! I went on and on about the unique TI inside the old church in a number of different spots in the book, and now they were all false! I paid a visit to the new TI just yesterday to gather some intel and right the wrong.

Now I have to decide if I’m going to re-record or re-edit my audio tour of Dublin’s Urban Park Scramble to correct a very small mention of the Suffolk Street TI steeple…

As it turns out, I had another assignment for this particular revision of the book. Last week, I paid a visit to the new Irish Whiskey Museum, which was just opening its doors as I published the first version of the book back in December. I took the tour, tasted some great whiskies, took some notes, and added a much more fleshed-out entry to the current upload of the book.

I hope to do many more review tours of Dublin’s paid attractions in 2015 to include in the book, so be on the lookout for more and more new content as the year goes on.

As ever, check out the newest edition of the book on all the usual platforms. Check out the podcast on iTunes and PodOmatic. Leave a rating and review of either or both on your favorite distributors, and like, share, and tweet on all the usual channels.

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