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Small Frugal Guide Update


A new, slightly-updated version of The Frugal Guide: Dublin 2015 is now available from Smashwords, and will soon be updated in the various other eBook distributors.

Between uploads, I make note of minor changes I’d like to make in the next update. This keeps me from publishing new updates with tiny changes day after day, which I think would be a strain on the distributors that check each book (and update) manually as they are uploaded.

Today’s upload includes an updated copyright page (now copyright 2014-2015!), a new joke at the expense of Irish celebrity Bono (he can take it, right), and the sad removal of the free toilet at the Suffolk Street Tourist Information Centre. The staff there has had the toilets roped off for about a month now, so any hope of it being a temporary closure has pretty much melted away. R.I.P., Suffolk Street free toilets.

As always, the most current update is available for free at Smashwords for direct download. Keep spreading the word on social media platforms, and why not be the first to leave the book a review on your favorite eBook distributor?

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