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As I continue writing my next book, Five Suitcases, I’m continuing to improve and expand The Frugal Guide: Dublin. This includes small revisions, research and exploration of new things to do, and making the book accessible in new ways.

Audio, Audio O!

This week, I’ve been warming up my pipes and recording the first (hopefully of many) audio accompaniments to the book. For this first project, I’m going short and easy with an audio version of Dublin’s Urban Park Scramble. It won’t be anything groundbreaking, mostly a verbatim recording of the text in the chapter with a little bit of improvised color on my part.

The audio content will be available as I finish each piece. Distribution method will be TBA until I do some more looking into free-yet-not-clunky audio download and distribution services.

For this audio series, I made a little theme diddy that reflects both the Dublin-centric content and my love of retro game art and music. Using Mario Paint Composer, I made a one-note-at-a-time recreation of the chorus of Cockles and Mussels, otherwise known as the Molly Malone song.

Alive, alive O-ooo!

Alive, alive O-ooo!

Cryin’ cockles and mussels

Alive, alive O!

Ok, here it is in its fifteen seconds of 8-bit glory!

In Other News…

Ever wanted your own print version of the book? Don’t want to pay a fortune for a custom-made traditional paperback of what would only be about 200 pages? Well, you may be in luck!

This week, I am also working on a set of print-it-yourself editions of the book. When complete, these editions will be formatted PDFs ready to be downloaded and either printed in whole or in part on your home printer or sent to your local print shop to be printed double-sided and spiral bound with a color cover.

Of course, the drawback to these home-printed books will be that they won’t be updated with the latest in exciting news. Things are opening and closing all the time here in Dublin, and I plan to publish eBook updates at least once a month through the year. But for those without e-reading devices or those who’d rather leave them at home for the trip, the print-at-home version may be best option. Look for more on these special editions soon.

In the meantime, keep planning those trips, download the book for free if you haven’t already, and don’t forget to leave a rating and review, like the book on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter for the latest and greatest of Dublin.

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